Swim like a Mermaid

Swimming not only helps you maintain a healthy body, but is also one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Learning to swim is not as difficult as you might think. With the right amount of practice and a great swimming coach, you can ace every swimming stroke.

tips to learn swimming easily

Here are a few tips to learn swimming:

Overcome fear

If you have a fear of water, learning to swim can initially be quite challenging. The trick is to wear a float for a week from the day you start learning. The float gives you the assurance of not sinking into water, and with that out of the way your learning process is sped up and before you know it, you’re confident enough to not even need a float.

Learning hand and leg movements

Before you learn how to swim in water without holding the wall, you must learn how to move your hands and legs. Learning the right hands and leg movement gives you the speed and skill of learning to swim without injuring your muscles.

Wearing swimming goggles and ear buds

Swimming pools tend to be filled with chorine for sanitation & hygiene. However, too much chlorine can adversely affect your eyes and eardrums. It doesn’t hurt to wear goggles and ear buds to err on the side of caution.


When learning different swimming strokes, follow these guidelines:

When learning freestyle, keep your fingers together to prevent water from passing through. This increases the thrust with which you move and glide through the water. Also, bend your arms with each stroke to reduce the wear and tear of your elbows.
Also when learning freestyle, point your toes outwards, and flap your feet. Ensure you do not bend your knees when you move your legs.
When learning the breast-stroke, join your hands like you do ‘namaste’ and move your arms in complete circles, as if to push your body forward by pushing the water back. Imagine your hands to be the fins of a fish.


Increase your stamina by competing with yourself, i.e., by increasing the total length you swim in each session. This will happen over time, but set forward targets so you have a yardstick against which to measure your progress. Compete with yourself! If you want to burn body fat, time yourself and increase your speed.

There are quite a few swimming classes in Mumbai, especially during holidays. Make sure you choose a club or pool that has a certified swimming coach. If you do not wish to join classes, you can also hire personal swimming coaches by logging onto online portals such as clickforcoach.com. ClickForCoach works both ways, a learner can post an ad for a coach and a swimming coachcan enlist himself for students.  Learn how to swim now because improving your physique and stamina was never so much fun!

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