How Hobbies Evolve From When You Are In Your 20s To Your 40s

This is me

This is me

I was also a 20 something once and had so much to do: studying, working, settling in a new family after marriage and much more. I too was very often stressed out by all that I had to do in a day. At that stage I needed a creative outlet to stay sane—something not tied to work but something that simply brought joy. Reading and writing brought that joy for me. I indulged in things like teaching kids around me, and trying my hands at anything new that someone was doing…be it pottery or painting or gardening or learning a new language.

Now when I look back, I realise that taking the time to find and establish hobbies in your 20’s can lay down patterns of prioritizing relaxation and enjoyment into your life as you grow older.

Today as a 40-something, I can say that hobbies are important for us at any age. The reasons could be the same as when you are young, but for many of us hobbies become more important with age. Hobbies shift from the pursuit of happiness to the fulfilment of happiness, from career builders to careers. Today I am more confident in connecting with strangers and experimenting if my hobby can help me connect with a wider circle of people.  My hobby of writing has become a career for me, the pleasure I got from teaching kids allowed me to start an educational platform for the youth:, my obsession with talking to everyone I met and trying to learn anything I could from everyone has today led to

Whether you are in your 20s or in your 40s you must have some hobbies, or must have experienced the evolution in your interests. I am greatly interested in knowing you and your views about hobbies. Do write to me.

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