E- Learning: Benefits Of Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms are scheduled, online, teacher-led training sessions where teachers and learners come together digitally using web-based connectivity. Virtual classrooms provide a convenient interactive learning environment for distance learners,and have become comparable to traditional face-to-face classrooms in recent times. E-learning allows students to attend classes from anywhere in the world, and aims to provide a learning experience akin to real classrooms.

benefits of virtual classrooms
Virtual classrooms do have a lot of advantages over physical classrooms as well, such as:

  • They offer the option to learn at any place and at any time; you can access them from home, office or an Internet cafe.
  • It allows faculty from anywhere in the world to teach, independent of physical limitations. You can identify and enlist experienced teachers scattered across the globe to teach your diverse student base, which could also be scattered around in multiple countries.
  • Virtual classroom sessions can be recorded, so they can be re-watched later, or even recycled instead of having to do new, live recordings of the same material every time.
  • They offer learning on any net-connected device, making learning highly accessible and mobile. You can join or resume sessions even when on the move.
  • Training can be organized more quickly than traditional classroom-based training. Classrooms and projectors do not need to be reserved and materials do not need to be distributed. The sessions are easier to schedule or reschedule since attendees will not be traveling to the venue of the session.
  • Synchronous learning is possible as students and professors can connect and interact with each other in real time. Students get answers to their queries and receive feedback on their inputs immediately.

Coaching classes in Mumbai and Delhi are rapidly adopting virtual learning solutions as opposed to traditional classroom teaching. Dance classes in Mumbai have adopted virtual learning to save time and money for both instructors and students. By using regular broadband Internet and a video cam, students can learn dancingfrom the comfort of their own houses. Similarly, new music and yoga classes in Mumbai are also being offered through virtual classrooms. Virtual courses in cooking and baking can help you connect with chefs across the world and interact with them in real time.

Virtual online classes for English learning make the learning interactive. For instance, teachers can read stories in English in real time, and oral recitations and group discussions can be carried out. It also makes for a favourable environment to discuss practical topics and current events in a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere.
Traditional classroom teaching methodologies are well tested, and are the environment most of us grew up in, but virtual e-learning classrooms are rapidly progressing due to their practicality and effectiveness. Virtual classrooms are beginning to give physical classrooms a run for their money. It’s time to move into the next generation of learning!

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